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Geometric Over-The-Arm Travel Tote

Geometric Over-The-Arm Travel Tote

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Take your crocheting with you! It's not's a conversation piece. That way when you're waiting in line at the DMV or sitting in the dentist's waiting room...and someone says, "Hey, what are you knitting?"

You can say, "It's not knitting, it's crocheting." 

And he'll say. "Oh. Okay. What are you crocheting."

And you'll say, "A hat."

And he'll say, "Oh. Cool."

And you'll feel a spark, and he'll feel a spark, and you'll look into his eyes until you have to look back down at your project. And slowly love will blossom.

See? You met the love of your life because you bought this bag and crocheted in public. It's a story for the ages. 

If not, at least you'll have gotten to keep working on your project while you had to sit for way too long in the waiting room.

  • Over-the-arm strap for comfortable carrying
  • Perfect for small, on-the-go projects
  • 7.5 inches high (not including strap) and 11.8 inches wide
  • Probably won't (but could) help you meet Mr. (or Mrs.) Right
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